About Tom McNally ...

I'm a broadcast engineer and voiceover announcer
in the Atlantic City, NJ area ... here I am hard at work:

Click for some old pictures !

My full time job is with Millennium Radio Group, WKXW-AM, WFPG-FM, WKOE, WPUR and WIXM in Atlantic City. I'm on the air on weekends at New Jersey 101.5 (WKXW - 101.5 and WKOE - 106.3) See my Table of Contents page for links to the stations, and to my office WebCam. I am also involved with engineering at WMID AM/FM, WZBZ/WGBZ, WTTH, WBNJ, WDOX, WJPH and others on a standby basis, like WAYV, WZXL, WCMC, WCZT, WWZK, and WJSE. The opening shot on the web site of me on the WPUR Cat Country 107.3 antenna on top of the Taj Mahal shows the ERI 4 Bay antenna and pole we installed in February of 1998. (Inside joke - go back and CLICK on that picture !)

My radio "resume" ...

WOND, Pleasantville/WMGM Atlantic City
- Announcer, Program Director and Chief Engineer 1972-1987
WLDB, Atlantic City - P/T announcer and Engineer 1972-1974
WBUD/WBJH, Trenton - Engineering - 1975-1977
WIFI, Philadelphia - P/T announcer and Engineer 1980-1984 Jingle
WEAZ, Philadelphia - P/T announcer and Engineer 1980-1985
WRDR, Egg Harbor - P/T announcer and Chief Engineer 1980-1996
WFPG AM/FM, Atlantic City - Chief Engineer and P/T announcer - 1988-1989
WYSP, Philadelphia - P/T announcer 1988-1991
WMID AM/FM, Atlantic City, WSJL Cape May
- Program Director and Chief Engineer 1989-1996
WDOX, Wildwood Crest/North Cape May - Program Director 1993-Present
WKXW, WFPG-FM, WKOE, WPUR, WIXM Atlantic City - Chief Engineer 1996 - present
New Jersey 101.5 (WKXW, Trenton/WKOE, Ocean City) Weekend Air Talent 1999 - present

Some of the accomplishments I am most proud of are:
WMGM ROCK 104 !  and taking it to 50,000 watts in 1985
WMID-FM Classic Rock Plus !
WRDR - taking it to 10,000 watts at 500 feet !
D O X !  one of the best Modern Rock stations most people have heard
Spring Broadcasting - new studios in Northfield, 1997
WZZP/WPUR - my first "brand new" frequency 107.3 !

I also do voice work for several Atlantic City casinos, and have
some regional (New York/Philadelphia) commercials I do.

My forte right now is Digital Audio, I can make an ENCO DAD system
do most anything.

Hobbies include:  Tube Audio, Bike Riding, BASIC Stamp Computers

I was born in Philadelphia, and lived there for a few years, then my parents, Art ("Mac") of Chokio, Minnesota, and Lois (Doyle) of Hanover, Pennsylvania, moved to Collingdale, PA. We lived in Collingdale for about 10 years, until my father was transferred by the company he worked for, W.T.Grant Co., to Toms River, NJ. I attended 8th and 9th grades there. We then moved to Mount Holly, NJ, where I finished high school at Rancocas Valley Regional. When I graduated, we moved to Somers Point in Atlantic County, where the rest of the family pretty much grew up. I'm the oldest of 7 ! Tom, Pam, Pat, Peg, Jim, Mimi and Paula. All of my family is on the Internet ... it's pretty cool to keep in touch this way. My dad gave me my first tape recorder, a Wilcox-Gay, when I was about 10. I learned a lot about wiring from him, as he was an HO Model Railroader, and built very elaborate switching panels for his layouts. I also got into Citizen's Band (back when we used Call Letters instead of handles !) and Amateur Radio. I got the broadcasting bug, and got my first job at WOND at age 18. I stupidly got married when I was too young, and have a son, Joe, and a daughter, Lori. I was involved with a 9 line BBS up until the Internet killed them all in about 1996 - it was called ACADEMIA, originally started with Ken Tompkins at Stockton State College ... it gave lots of people their first online experiences. Right now having fun on the net and learning to do web pages.

... tom