My Grandmother's 96th Birthday
Kathryn Doyle - April 17, 1905

Here are some pictures taken April 17, 2001 ...

Grandma and great granddaughter Chloe (John's daughter)

Ready to blow out the big 96 !


my Aunt Chloe, Grandma's youngest daughter, my mom's sister,
and Aunt Betty (Fred's wife)

my brother Jim and mom's new dog Mugsy

my niece Kate, my sister Mimi's daughter

my uncle Jack ... husband of Chloe

my cousin Jean - daughter of Chloe and Jack

my Uncle Lester ... mom's brother, Grandma's oldest son

my sister Pam with Mimi's daughter Kate

my niece Kelsey ... my sister Pat's daughter

Becky, Kelsey's friend

Paula, my little sister

Chloe ... my Cousin John's daughter, Chloe and Jack's granddaughter

Jack ... my Cousin John's son, Chloe and Jack's grandson

my mother Lois, Grandma's oldest daughter

my daughter Lori with my mom

my uncle Fred, Grandma's youngest son, my mom's little brother

Josh, my nephew and Mimi's son

my sister Mimi, taking my picture

maybe you'll see it on her website !