Ideal Manufacturing
It's not a fancy salon,
it's nothing but a Quonset Hut

Gomer Pyle and The Sargeant
The Ideal Building
Ideal's Website

"BUT !"

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fast forward to June 2008 - a NEW radio commercial from SoJO 104.9

The Sheet Music
The Continental
The Ideal Sign
The Sheet Music
The Quonset Hut
"The Ideal Manufacturing Company
is on Route 30, the White Horse Pike,
in Hammonton, New Jersey ...
Open every night, and all day Sunday !"
The Jingle LP

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If you grew up in South Jersey or the Philadelphia area, you
will remember this from Radio and late night TV. I has to be
one of the best advertising jingles ever ! It was recently used,
along with some of my pictures, in a documentary about
Quonset Huts. The jingle was also downloaded from my site
and used on the radio again after many years. I think I have
the only remaining copy, recorded at WRDR 104.9 in Egg Harbor
(now SoJO 104.9) Please link to here or at least give me a
credit if you use it or repost it. I found it on YouTube
the other day, hah ! The record label is a fake, just for fun.

... Tom McNally - New Jersey 101.5 - Sunday afternoon 3 to 7
Proud to Serve South Jersey at 97.3 !