More Cars ...
Since everyone seems to be getting a kick out of
my car pictures and captions, I thought I'd expand
to other members of the family.

Circa 1969 ?
Here's my father's 1959 Thunderbird and
my mother's 1965 Chrysler Station Wagon ...

"C'mon Me-Me, I can reach the pedals, let's go for a ride !"
"OK, Jimmy - we'll have fun fun fun 'till our Daddy takes the T'Bird away !"
The Thunderbird was very cool.  (Mom - don't read the next line)
It could go over 150 miles per hour.
So could the Chrysler.  (Just kidding, Mom) (about the Chrysler)

Lori's first car !
a 1986 Ford Mustang LX Convertible ...

Not a bad car after a new engine !
Notice car # 2 for Lori waiting in the wings on the left ...

Lori's third car, a 1993 Honda Del Sol ...
lori991s1x1.jpg lori991s1x2.jpg lori991s1x3.jpg lori991s1x4.jpg
lori991s2x1.jpg lori991s2x2.jpg lori991s2x3.jpg lori991s2x4.jpg
lori991s3x1.jpg lori991s3x2.jpg lori991s3x3.jpg lori991s3x4.jpg

This is a cool little lift off hardtop !
Not as nice as my 1961 Renault Caravelle, of course !
Lori has talked her way out of 146 speeding tickets in
the last 2 years ! I can't figure out how she does it.

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