More of Tom's Cars !
1972 to the present ...
I thought I would be buying a new car every 2 years.
Then I got married !  Surprise ... no more money.

Here is the last of the new cars for a few years -

1973 Mazda RX-2 Rotary Engine
Here I am driving through the Pine Barrens of New Jesey in a road rally.  I never placed well, but always
had a lot of fun.  The Mazda was very fast, and VERY quiet, you could barely hear the engine run.
The car cost all of  $ 3295 in 1972, about the same as a Porsche 914.  I actually wore out the hood hinges
showing the engine to everyone that asked to see it.  At 85,000 miles, the engine was shot.

1941 Ford Station Wagon ... "Woody"
Another one I should have kept ... they are going for like $ 30,000 these days.
I paid $ 375 for it.  The wood was kind of rotten when I got it, but as you can
see, we fixed it up pretty nicely.  I traded it for the Jeep ...

1974 AMC Jeep CJ-5
This was a fun vehicle, although it was easy to get into predicaments like the one above.
I finally got it out of the creek with the winch.  It got us to the hospital in style when Lori
was born in 1976.  Linda was only in "labor" for 20 minutes before the little darling arrived.

1970 Chevelle Malibu
When the Mazda died of no compression, we needed another car in addition to the Jeep, so I bought this
Chevelle for $ 500.  My brother Jim drove it for a couple more years after us.

1977 Mercury Capri "Black Cat"
I bought this when it was about a year old.  Automatic and a V-6.
Ran it into the ground ... I think I got $ 750 on a trade in.

1966 Volkswagen "Beetle" (left)
I always wanted a VW Beetle to play with.  I bought this orange '66 for $ 100 with a bad engine.
I picked up a used engine and changed it out one afternoon.  Never got a chance to drive it much,
this rare photo shows me waving to another VW owner as we pass on a mountain road near Portland.
I wound up giving the car to my by then ex-wife.

1981 Honda Accord (cheap model)
I traded the Capri for this.  It cost about $ 7700.  I put about 85,000 miles
on it before trading it in for another one ... but I got hooked on Hondas !

1984 Honda Accord LX
Three years later, they are up to $ 12,500 !  This one was loaded, PS/PB, 5 speed, AC, moon roof,
fog lights, alloy wheels, etc.  I would have kept it longer, but it was "totalled" in an accident.  Of course,
I was able to drive it home with no problem.  It cost over $ 5000 to repair the damage, and I sold
the car for $ 4500.  Go figure.  I bought a new car, as it took 4 months to get the parts and fix this one !

1986 Honda Prelude SI
The first of many Preludes - this one was the nicest. Of course, the fact that my next door neighbor would
detail it with Q-tips and a toothbrush if I'd let him take it out on a date now and then helped keep it looking sharp !

1989 Honda Prelude 2.0 SI
I didn't like this one when I first got it, but after awhile I grew into it.  I drove it for over 100,000 miles
before giving it to my daughter Lori.  The timing belt broke at about 80,000 miles, costing me $ 2700
to fix, but it was worth it.  I probably drove this car longer than any other before it.  I wound up selling
it to my friend Rob, who thought he would avoid hassle by having the timing belt changed early, but the
mechanic screwed it all up, and he had to replace the engine.  It's still on the road almost 10 years
later, and still looks good.  I took this picture last week with my new digital camera.

1996 Honda Prelude 2.0 SI
Yeah ... I know .... 5 Hondas !  I like these things.  I put over
100,000 miles on this one - it was a good car ! I traded it for the 2002 Civic SI.


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